If a Player, Club, or Official receives a Misconduct Charge, they can appeal to Somerset County FA within 14 days of the charge being issued.

Please see the guidance notes below on how to respond to a Misconduct Charge on the Whole Game System and also the Board of Appeals document which sets out procedures to be followed.

A Player, Club, or Official can plead guilty or not guilty, and can request a Personal hearing (the player will attend in person to give evidence or mitigation) or Non-Personal Hearing (will be dealt with in your absence using written submissions).

If a Player, Club, or Official is not happy with the decision made by Somerset County FA's Discipline Commission, they can then appeal to the Football Association within 2 weeks of first receiving the charge and at a cost of £50.

If a Player receives a Misconduct Charge and it is found proven, suspension is from all football.